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How to be a better artist!
Hi, I'm just another artist who started at zero like all of you. These are just the things I wish I knew before. Feel free to share this journal around if you think that someone needs help on this subject. This journal is dedicated to new artists or just aspiring artists that are not feeling motivated. Or probably any other artists that wants to improve, really.

We've all been there. Have you ever had these thoughts on the back of your mind?
"I'm not popular. My art is not popular." 
"I'm not improving." 
"My work is still shit compared to ___"
"I want to draw but I don't have time."
"I suck at drawing ___"
"I have an artblock."

"I want to improve, like, really fast."
"I can't fully draw what I already pictured in my head"
"I don't have my own style"
1) If they tell you that you can't draw, work tw
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Ah geez
-Toot- Birthday girl here speaking  
Oh wait that was days ago, seems like she just forgotten to write
a proper journal about it again WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!?
*Get smacked in the head* xP
Haha birthday is ovah!
What happened that day you're wondering?
Well, I slowly caught up with MLP:FiM Season 4
Also finished watching Psycho-Pass
A+ Anime, can't wait for Season 2 this year :eager:
Also had pleasant time with just my mom & bro in our fav dim sum & buffet restaurants, many Malays were there since it's Ramadan  
Ice-cream waffle is the best definitely!
Basically my birthday this year is whole lot quiet but still amazing 8D
Did I mention there's SO MUCH WALL OF WISHES & GIFT LUVS
FFFF I love and appreciate everything from you guys :heart:
You always make my special day better & amazing ;;;;A;;;;
Okai, re
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Tagged by the legenday 0dd-Eye THANKS. IT"S MEME TIME.

What is your real name and nickname?
Shardis: Shardis o3o Nicknames.... don't remember =3='
Mina: Hiya! I'm Mina! I haven't been given a nickname yet TvT
Sorrik: My name is Sorrik. Mina tends to call me Sorri. Not sure if I like it yet

Bullet; Purple Nice~ So... what's your current age?
Shardis: Hmm... I think... *counts his fingers slowly* I think 24...?
Mina: I'm 22!! >3<
Sorrik: 25.

Bullet; Purple What is your favorite food?
Shardis: Anything that isn't Arachnee legs. *shivers* eww...
Mina: Sandwiches~ Especially with my special home-made bread. 
Sorrik: I like soups and quiches. ^^

Bullet; Purple And your favorite drink?
Shardis: Root beer!! ovo
Mina: Milk. Especially when it's warm <3
Sorrik: Water? I guess cola is pretty good... on special days.

Bullet; Purple Confession time, Who is your lover?
Shardis: *shurgs* Don't have one :v
Mina: *blushes* Don't have one yet... >//>
Sorrik: Well... I... Um... I don't have one.

Bullet; Purple Have you kissed anyone yet?
Shardis: nope! o3o
Mina: No. not yet. >//>
Sorrik: Well, there was this one girl at my cousin's wedding, but it was just for conventional reasons

Bullet; Purple Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
Shardis: No? o3o Do I? I don't think I understand.
Mina: Nah, not really. I had friends, but we all kinda thought kooties was a thing too.
Sorrik: Well, I had a bit of a crush on a girl as a kid when I was in school... She didn't share those feelings though.

Bullet; Purple Who is your favorite author?
Shardis: Author? >_> Is that a book thing?
Mina: Hmm... well, I don't read much. i should borrow some books from Sorri! 
Sorrik: Well, I prefer historical texts... Most have no author. 

Bullet; Purple What is your biggest fear?
Mina: Dying and getting hurt. *sighs*
Sorrik: Right now, not passing my exams at Huppermage University.

Bullet; Purple Any siblings?
Shardis: Nope o3o
Mina: No, I was a single child. 
Sorrik: Yes, A older and younger brother. Both quite destructive and annoying at the best of times.

Bullet; Purple Who is your worst enemy?
Mina: Nothing really. Though on some days I think Shardis can be my worst enemy.
Sorrik: Sleep. =_= I would love to be able to never sleep and get all of my studies done.

Bullet; Purple Well, who is your best friend?
Shardis: Eh. :v Don't have any.
Mina: Sorrik and Shardis! Even though Shar-Shar won't admit it.
Sorrik: Mina, I suppose.

Bullet; Purple What would you do if you meet your creator?
Shardis: Big hug!! o3o
Mina: Not sure. Make flower crowns? Those are fun uvu
Sorrik: Read through all of my texts. I would assume that suffices as entertainment enough u3u

Bullet; Purple What do you want to be when you're grown up?
Shardis: I am grown up. Is this a trick question? =3=
Mina: A professional chef!! >v<
Sorrik: Possibly a historian. Or a archaeologist. ^^

Bullet; Purple What is your worst nightmare?
Shardis: Iops don't get nightmares either!! We are so powerful that the nightmares go into other people's fear... glands. e3e" ...Maybe the last part isn't true.
Mina: Never finding my way back home... I miss you, mother and father...
Sorrik: Right now, Not passing my exam. I general... not being able to help anyone. Especially Mina.

Bullet; Purple What is your life long dream?
Shardis: Meeting the Iop God. >:U My only one true dream. 
Mina: Hmm... Well, meeting the right guy and having a family.
Sorrik: Lifelong, huh? Finding some land would be nice. Then grow herbs and make remedies until the end of my days as I write my own studies. And doing archaeology like i said before. 

Bullet; Purple What would you do if your dream came true?
Mina: *giggles* >v> I would be so happy~
Sorrik: i would be content~

Bullet; Purple Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?
Shardis: Haven bag u3u 
Mina: Around the farm fields C: The wheat moving in the wind is so pretty.
Sorrik: My house and the university. The only places that have pure knowledge, you know, aside from the drunk students.

Bullet; Purple Last question, what do you do most of the time?
Shardis: Defending the forest, and making decorations and bags. u3u Dungeon-ing too!
Mina: Bake. ^^
Sorrik: Reading and writing. 

Bullet; Purple Alright~ Well, thanks for being here to take this interview, guys~ We appreciate you being here with us!
Shardis: No problem man! o3o
Mina: No, thank you! It was fun!! >v<
Sorrik: You are very welcome. Hope you enjoyed our answers.

Or if you want too xD That too.

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  • Playing: FE: Heroes.
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